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Design Concept

On his visions for the space, the instinctive response of the client reflected his liking towards complements and contrasts. He felt that the minimalistic, functional aspect of modern interiors was what he wanted in his house, but also wanted to hold on to his reverence for the traditional style, elements and crafts, around which he has grown up.The client being an ardent traveler has a passion towards collecting artifacts and art pieces, which necessitated a good place of display.

This project explores the idea of exhibiting the Dravidian elements in a very modern way. 

The design evolved around these simple ideas.  The design was meant to be read in a minimal way and was also layered with traditional details and highlights.It also had to act as a base to highlight the art pieces. The value every single craft or detail added to the space was that they were like exhibits themselves. Care was taken that the craft retains the essence of its basics and beauty while being projected in a contemporary style.

The stone carved temples, silk weaves and the elaborate Kolam patterns that adorn almost every Dravidian house entrance were the basic motifs in the design. Arriving at a simple language that was rich and vibrant yet pleasant and calm to be in was the final design intent. The lighting and use of natural and rustic colours, patterns and material textures helped in achieving the latte

Water, Fresh air and nature always lends a space of tranquil, here when a natural landscape weren't possible for various reasons, the wall surfaces are use to create a pseudo - landscape. The subtle leaf impression on the concrete panels are juxtaposed with the refractory brick masonry.

Interpretation - Unfolded Elevation - Double Height Swimming pool
Floor Plan


Site area
Gross built area
Carpet Area
4500 Sq.ft
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