Destijl Garden


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Design Concept


Inspired by the de stijl art, this project attempts to add a third dimension space to a two-dimensional art style.

The main grids have been derived from the physical axes of the residence, such as pathways, locations of fenestration etc, and from the “virtual axes” created by the program in the house.

The complimentary grids in the pattern arise in the landscaped areas. These form the secondary grids in the “D-stijl’ garden”.The space has been accentuated by creating specific nodes within the grids,based on the program and the utilization of spaces. This creates multiple zones such as out-door dining, family gathering space, meditation etc.

Section a - Through Private Space and Semi Private Space

Further been emphasized by the provision of free standing walls. These walls act as a visual barrier, creating a break from the visual continuity, and creating private outdoor spaces.Landscape has been created to accentuate spaces created by the “grids”. Thus trees have been placed to create a buffer space,framing element to highlight the passages and pathways. There are other spaces where trees have been used to create a cozy atmosphere in private court created by the blank walls.

Section b - Through water body and Semi Private Space

The de stijl art has thus been used in creating an interesting landscape that blends with the program and the physical axis of the house.


Site area
5,100 Sq.Ft
Gross built area
Carpet Area
Project Cost

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